what is «Il Crestomat»

Dr. Clau is sucked into the strange world of the Crestomazia Retorumantscha, created in the 19th century. He didn't want to get there, but well, now there is no talking it under the carpet; he has to get along with mythical figures like Metta da fein (a sort of corn spirit), Sontga Margriata (a variation of Margaret the Virgin) and Buttatsch cun igls (the paunch with eyes). Dr. Clau is - just by the by - the main character. The comic will be published in six story arcs and be free of costs for everybody. Downloadable for comic readers. Viewable with every HTML-5 browser.

Digital comic

The comic should - emphasize on should - be published bimonthly on www.crestomat.ch

Check out these apps for the downloadable version: iOS or Android and Windows 8.

Why for free?

We just love ya all…

Six story arcs

Dr. Clau's adventures in the world of the Crestomazia will be narrated in six sotry arcs. Each arc is composed of five comic books with about 20 pages each. Each story arc is somewhat closed in itself but is still a part of the whole "epos". THe frist arc focuses on Dr. Clau's attempt to get back into his own world and how he battles with the Crestomazias inhabitants against all odds and monsters…