The artists

Writer: Sabrina Bundi (*1984 a Surrein)

Dayjob: Journalist with the daily newspaper Bündner Tagblatt. Politics and rumantsch culture. Signature «bun».
But actually: Dweller of Duckburg.
Studied german and rumantsch language and literature.

Sabrina Bundi

Tina Valentino

Pencils: Tina Valentino

Scuola Internazionale di Comics, Rome
Tina Valentino - Scuola Internazionale di Comics, Rome - Grant in a comics and animation school in Japan. - Artist for «I Grandi Classici da Geronimo Stilton» and «True Blood» #6 (IDW) - Currently working for TOP COW. Published: «Rise of the Magi». - Clair de Lune: «La Driade» (debut) - Works for «Mono», «Noir», «Batman Crime solver», «The Thing: Artbook», «Amazzoni» and «Stazione 31» (Passenger press), and a cover for «Midnight Roads-frammenti» - Inks for Aspen and Zenescope

Mathias Durisch

Artist: Mathias Durisch (*1978 a Domat/Ems)

Day job: Head of design of X-Technology Swiss R&D. Responsible for elite-sports brands X-BIONIC, X-SOCKS and APANI.
But actually: Head of design of Term Bel wall painting during localy renowned Domat carnival.
Mathias Durisch studied Industrial Design at Zurcher Hochschule der Künste.
Awards: Eidgenössischer Preis für Design 2005, iF Concept Design Award 2004, Insider by Henniez Wettbewerb, finalist Braunpreis 2003.

Writer: Michel Decurtins (*1977 a Trun)

Day job: Radio journalist for Radio Rumantsch politics, economy and the weather and maker of radioplays.
But actually: Sin City cop.
Michel Decurtins studied politics and public law.
Projects: Asterix per rumantsch, R-tunes music in rumantsch, satire radio plays and Don't visit Chur.


Riccardo Frezza

Inks: Riccardo Frezza

Scuola Internazionale di Comics, Rome
- «One Shot One Zombie», iComics - «Alien in love« by Luca Blengino, Bugs Comics - «Punture e Veleni» by Andrea Guglielmino, «Dead Blood», Noise Press"" - «Le esequie durature» by Giuseppe Congedo, «Mostri», Bugs Comics - «Cena di fidanzamento» by Andrea Guglielmino, «Mostri», Bugs Comics - «Roberto Recchioni presents: The Masters of Horror.», «The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde» (debut) - Illustrations for Canale 9, «Tutti pazzi per Morandi e Rovazzi» - Drawing for the «The Editor is in» series, Sky