The Crestomazia


The Crestomazia?

Every rumantsch person probably knows about it: THe Crestomazia by turn of the century politician Caspar Decrutins form Trun in the alpline region of the Grisons in Switzerland. Born in 1855 he attended grammar school / prep school in the monastic school of Mustér/Disentis. He studied history of art and public law in Munich and Heidelberg. Back home he started a political career. With as little as 22 years he gets elected as "mistral da la Cadi" (mayor of the upper Surselva district in the Grisons). Later on he enters parliament as representativ in the Cussegl Grond (parliament of the grisons) and later still as Cussegl Naziunal in the house of commons / representativs on federal level. In his home region he's furthermore known for facilitating the restoration of the monastery of Mustér / Disentis and as leader of the "black avalanche" - the conservative christian democratic movement. In Switzerland he made himself a name by cofounding the University of Fribourg.

And the Crestomazia? The Crestomazia is actually a chrestomathy, which is "a collection of choice literary passages, used especially as an aid in learning a subject."* This voluminous work, measured in pounds better than in pages, shows how strongly Caspar Decurtins, with help by numerous volunteers, was committed to the retorumantsch language. He signed as editor for the 13 volumes containing literature, legends, myths and fariy tales in rumantsch.

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