what is «Il Crestomat»

«Il Crestomat» is a comic book in rumantsch - the first multy-arc digital comic in rumantsch. Six story arcs ar planned over a period of six years: a wild ride together with Dr. Clau, la Metta da fein (a sort of corn spirit), a Glimari (sort of giant troll) and the Buttatsch cun igls (a paunch with eyes)…

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For the launch of «Il Crestomat» there was more to see than just paper. Well, the title basically says it all.
The Crestomat is news…

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The Crestomazia

…half a yard of paper. Stacked.
…but very "cultural".

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The artists

The artists are: Sabrina Bundi
Mathias Durisch
Michel Decurtins

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…per quels che lavuran

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